Chains of a Dark Goddess

A Tale of Pawan Kor

These Dark, Epic Fantasy tales of revenge and redemption span an ancient world of powerful magic where heroes conquer kingdoms and slay gods.

Chains of a Dark Goddess

Nations will kneel in the face of a father’s undying love.

Breskaro Varenni wandered the Shadowland until the cursed goddess Harmulkot offered him the one thing only she could give, the one thing that still mattered to him … a chance to save his precious Orisala.

In life, Breskaro zealously served the bright goddess Seshalla and her earthly representative, the Matriarch, as Knight Champion to the gleaming city-state of Issaly. But his most trusted friends betrayed him to the swords of infidels and his goddess did nothing.

Now returned as a wreck of embalmed flesh animated by sorcery, with a host of the undead under his command, Breskaro races to fulfill his part of the unholy pact. With the help of a mysterious little girl, companions he thought long lost, and a savage race of lizard men, Breskaro battles to save an ancient, crumbling city wallowing in decadence and decay.

But Breskaro’s twisted past still haunts him. The mistakes that ended his life may defeat him once again, dooming Orisala to a fate worse than his own. And playing in the games of the gods may have unforeseen consequences.

Reader Advisory: This book may not suitable for readers of young adult fiction.

The Tales of Pawan Kor series can be read in any order.

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