The Warlock's Gambit

The Arthur Paladin Chronicles: Episode 2

Arthur may be destined for the stars, but his past is shrouded in secrets — secrets that only his mortal enemy can unravel.

Arthur Paladin’s parents were murdered by the forces of Entropy. Now Arthur, as the next Multiversal Paladin, must fight those forces and bring the light and hope of Aetheria wherever darkness has taken hold. At least, that’s what Arthur and Morgan Apple, his first and only official companion, have been told.

The first step in their new mission isn’t an easy one. They must destroy the shades infesting the Manse and the warlock controlling them. With the task half done, Arthur and Morgan begin to realize that what they’ve been told isn’t the whole story. Light and dark, good and evil, may not be as clear cut as they thought. And Arthur may be destined for something more than just being another Multiversal Paladin.

Unfortunately, the only one with answers is the warlock. And he’s been trying to kill them.

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