Tanner Twins, Activate!

Welcome to Rosemont Academy

This is the school for the dangerous and freaky. Not officially, of course. The top of the brochure that the headmaster, Dr. Rose, gives to parents when their kid's done something inhumanly strange says: for Uniquely Talented and Gifted Students. But we all know what that means ...

Tanner Twins, Activate!

Superpowers are such a pain. 

Titus and Tobias Tanner would normally welcome an extended break from school. But sitting at home because everyone at school is afraid of them takes all the fun out of it. 

When Billy Ricks picked a fight with them in the hall after fourth period, they honestly didn’t lay a finger on him. But they did do something to land him in the hospital. The thing is, Titus and Tobias have no idea what they did, or how they did it.

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