The Arthur Paladin Conundrum

Why is there a series on your site that you didn’t write?

When writers work together there are different ways and amounts that they can collaborate. How and how much of the book they do together determines who gets their name on the cover. (Unless, of course, one of the authors is famous. Then they always get their name on the cover, regardless of the work they put in, because it helps sell the book.)

David Alastair Hayden and I collaborate on all of our books, every single one. But usually I am just his first reader and story editor and he is mine. We make sure that everything in the other’s story makes sense, both for the narrative and for the characters, and that it all sounds good and reads well. But all the words and ideas in his books are his and in my books are mine. Usually.

The Arthur Paladin Chronicles are a bit different. David developed the characters and initial plot. Then I came along and tweaked the plot, changing bits and moving them around to make his brilliant ideas better. Once that was all set, he wrote the book. Then I came along, rewrote any passages that I thought needed reworking and suggested changes where I found little issues. So most of the ideas are his and most of the words are too.

So his name goes on the cover and I get a smaller, not on the cover, writing credit. If you check the online book retailers like Amazon and Nook, The Arthur Paladin Chronicles should be listed under my works as well as his.

It’s like that scene with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in the first Avengers movie. Tony’s name goes on the building but Pepper still gets some of the credit. At least I got more than 12% credit on this. 

And even though my name isn’t on the cover, you should still check it out. One reader described it as Doctor Who meets Harry Potter with a dash of James Bond.